8 Trends (and Innovative Products) Set to Drive Grocery Sales 

June 3, 2021
by SPINS Marketing

Top Findings from New Hope’s Natural Products Expo West Virtual 

Every year, the most innovative brands and retailers go to New Hope’s Natural Products Expo to stay on top of the industry’s latest trends and to understand what store shelves will look like in coming months. Even though the expo was once again virtual, the sessions were as informative and interesting as ever.   

SPINS experts, in conjunction with other industry leaders, presented the must-know trends for today and tomorrow and the innovative products leading the way. We looked at categories throughout the entire store to show you:  

  • Aisle drivers in retail  
  • Product innovations and examples  
  • Consumer attitudes shaping demand  

You can go directly to each presentation below to download the decks and learn more:  

  • Beverages – Shelf stable functional beverages are up 17%  
  • Dairy & Dairy Alternatives - Plant-based milk, cheese, creamer, and yogurt are up 18%  
  • Frozen – Frozen foods with vegan attributes have grown 15%.   
  • Meat & Meat Alternatives - frozen and refrigerated meal alternatives and refrigerated tofu are up 27%.  
  • Pantry Staples Shelf stable seasonings are up 21%  
  • Personal Care Body care product labeled aluminum free are up 22%  
  • Snacks – Shelf stable jerky is up 19% (By the way, find us in person at Sweets and Snacks in Indianapolis June 23-25!)  
  • Supplements - Melatonin and Vitamin D are up 43%.  

After a year of virtual trade shows, we’re excited to be back on the road and in person throughout the rest of 2021. Stay tuned for updates on where else we’ll be later this year.