SPINS and Makeena Announce Partnership

August 9, 2023
by SPINS Marketing

SPINS, a leading provider of wellness-focused data and analytics for the Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, and Makeena, the cashback and rewards app that helps mission-driven shoppers and brands discover and engage with one another, are partnering to bring a new level of transparency to the CPG industry through first-party data and direct consumer engagement.

Creating a Complementary Partnership

For both SPINS and Makeena, transparency is at the heart of creating a better product landscape for businesses and consumers that focus on health and wellness. SPINS Product Intelligence reveals the attributes that are driving growth, identifies emerging trends and optimizes product assortments in stores. Retailers and brands use this data to look beyond the label at nutrition, ingredients, lifestyle, allergens, certifications, and other data that define a product’s traits.

“SPINS has been championing the natural products industry for more than 25 years, bringing brands and retailers closer to values-oriented consumers through our product intelligence and data insights. Makeena was founded on the belief that shoppers should have access to the healthful products that meet their personal standards. Partnering together just made sense.” Kristin Litchfield, Vice President of Partnerships at SPINS. “Our partnership with Makeena will enhance SPINS’ offerings with unique consumer insights that bring even more visibility to consumer behavior.”

With Makeena, consumers have a convenient and compelling way to share their perspectives. Through the app, they can discover products, earn cash back and loyalty points, take photos of displays in participating retail stores, and participate in polls and surveys, regardless of where they shop, even online. They are directly engaged with retailers and brands—telling them where they buy their products, what their household demographics are, and what their lifestyle is like.

“Makeena closes the gap that often exists between consumers, retailers, and brands by providing a direct connection through our app and insights,” says Karen Frame, CEO of Makeena. “Now, with SPINS, the gap is not only closed but also replaced by a data-supported foundation for innovation and growth. Makeena created direct communication between consumers and the brands they love, and the SPINS Natural Channel set the standard for understanding the Natural Products Industry. I’m excited to see how we can move the industry forward together.”

The Power of Insights, Loyalty, and Transparency

The strategic partnership between SPINS and Makeena has tangible benefits that can change how natural businesses think. For example, a natural protein bar’s packaging might boast of its vegan label, natural ingredients, and organic certification. However, SPINS Product Intelligence can also identify that the protein bar is keto friendly and does not contain the most common allergens. Now, when that manufacturer looks at the protein bar’s performance, they have a clearer picture of how it’s performing across similar products—or they discover that they’re the only product on the market checking all those boxes. A retailer, meanwhile, can look at the protein bar category and understand how that particular brand is performing in comparison to competitors.

The manufacturer of that protein bar and the retailer can see how a Makeena user engages with the product, understand more about their purchase preferences, and get an idea of what brings these shoppers back time and time again. With Makeena, shoppers can discover and support natural products more easily, ultimately providing manufacturers and retailers more context for their shopping behavior. This visibility into the shopping process benefits everyone involved.

Prioritizing the Values-Oriented Consumer Brings Benefits

By focusing on the needs of shoppers who want products that are not only natural but are also in line with their needs (i.e., dietary, price point, lifestyle), the SPINS and Makeena partnership creates both immediate and long-term benefits:


Since their respective starts, SPINS and Makeena have focused on elevating the visibility and access to health and wellness products—especially natural. Together they ensure that shoppers always have advocates creating opportunities to get natural products in shoppers’ hands.


Makeena’s real-time insights into consumer behavior and demographics are crucial as values-oriented consumers are constantly evolving and finding the products that meet their individual standards. When layered on SPINS’ product attributes, retailers and brands alike can take action—whether ideating new products or evaluating in-store merchandising.


When shoppers can find the products they want and feel heard, they will continue to support those brands and retailers—and champion them. This partnership brings together the tools and insights that give consumers a voice, and brands and retailers the opportunity to meet their needs and earn their loyalty.


Natural products are at the heart of the SPINS and Makeena partnership, but they are one component of a larger goal to improve the world we live in. By offering visibility into product certifications, nutritional information, and sustainability, SPINS and Makeena are creating more opportunities for anyone who supports a world with more better-for-you products on the shelves.



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