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Level the playing field to unlock your growth.

Together, SPINS + C&S Wholesale Grocers drive insights and solutions to power your growth at no cost to you.

Monitor pricing compared to your competition

Grow baskets and drive new shoppers to your stores

Limit the impact of out-of-stocks

Determine the right new items for your assortment

Simple Solutions for Independent Retailers

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SPINS provides you with a unique view into both the C&S regions and the larger SPINS Independent channel of retailers and ensures you have access to insights and support to give you the upper hand.


Instantly track category trends by sales in aggregate or by product attributes mapped to the SPINS hierarchy.

the Competition

Prioritize your resources by understanding the shifting consumer landscape and looking beyond your four walls.

High Touch

Dedicated support from our team of retail insight specialists to help navigate your growth stages.

A Holistic View
of the Market

C&S Syndicate View

Compare yourself to other retailers in your C&S region to ensure that you remain competitive to your peers

SPINS Independent View

Expand your knowledge of the broader independent retail market to understand the influence of larger regional retailers

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Your Data

Created for retailers, by retailers

Supercharging your data with the collective power of SPINS + C&S Wholesale Grocers, these are the reports that you can’t live without. Easily switch from the C&S Syndicate view to the SPINS independent view.

Not Selling
Total Store
Understand opportunities

What brands or items are selling outside of my store?

Determine Pricing Strategy

How does my pricing compare to other retailers?

Monitor Brand Ranking

How do brands rank compared to your competition?

Monitor Item Performance

How are my top items performing vs. my competition?

Compare performance to the market

Which categories are growing vs declining and how does that compare to other retailers?

Committed to Retail Growth

SPINS is different

For over 25 years, SPINS has partnered with industry leaders who are committed to supporting independent retailers by providing a high touch experience, meeting you where you are.

Training & Education

Experts focused on retail growth

On-demand training aligned to your unique goals

Dedicated resources at your fingertips

News You Can Use

Topics focused on independent retailers

Educational trends webinars on your schedule

Industry newsletters to stay current on the latest trends

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Trusted relationships with top POS providers

Onboarding made simple

Our team of onboarding specialists have streamlined the process, so you get using data, quicker in just over 12 weeks. We work with hundreds of Point-of-Sale providers to completely automate the data delivery process, so it’s simple and easy to get started.

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