Trade Promotion: Maximize  Value with TradeROI

Get more return on your trade promotion spend with insights from SPINS TradeROI

Get the insights you need to make every trade dollar a success with TradeROI.



Enhance your promotion strategy via post-event ROI analysis


Diagnose Performance

Diagnose performing offers, optimal discount depths and other performance drivers


Diagnose Performance

Identify insights on key competitors’ promotions



Monitor promotion compliance – stop paying for promotions that are not executed

See how SPINS TradeROI helps you unlock maximum return on trade promotion

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“TradeROI has been enlightening. I've definitely changed my strategy this year based on the learnings. This has helped me fish where the fish are.”

“It connects margin and cost and really tells me how effective my promotions are to plan better with my accounts.”

“Whatever expectations I had for this tool, this exceeded it.”

SPINS TradeROI Helps a Beverage Brand Maximize their Trade Promotion Dollars

In an effort to maximize their investments, they implemented the SPINS TradeROI solution at 5 of their key retailers, which accounted for $1.5 million of their trade spend.

Beverage TradeROI Case
Trade ROI Case Study

5 Benefits of TradeROI: The Tool Every Brand Needs

We outline 5 ways brands can use SPINS TradeROI to give them a view into promotion results and allowing them to monitor efforts to optimize strategically and drive positive ROI.


TradeROI helps a pet food brand save $350K in spend and receive a 60% lift in trade promotions

Executives at a pet food brand wanted to know what they were getting in return for their $5M in trade spend with their #1 retailer. They trusted to SPINS TradeROI to evaluate how their trade promos were performing and ended up saving $350K immediately and seeing a 60% lift on trade promotion, 19% above average.

Immediate savings
Lift in trade promotions
Above avg lift