• Natural and specialty pet food and treats are driving growth for the industry (+28% year-over-year) outpacing dollar growth from conventional pet food and treats (+4%)
  • Expect consumers to continue to purchase “healthier” food for their pets as they do for themselves

CHICAGO, February 20, 2020 – Natural and specialty pet products continue to drive growth for the pet industry as consumers extend their personal preferences for wellness into their product choices for their furry friends. SPINS data shows that Natural and Specialty pet products are driving growth for the industry (+28%) outpacing the modest dollar growth of conventional pet food and treats (+4%)

SPINS’ specialty pet retailer partners continue to serve as a trusted partner among pet owners looking to introduce the latest advancements in pet nutrition. With their ability to act fast and introduce the latest pet innovation, they are driving major movement in the market.

“You may have heard the old adage that people treat their pets better than their children.  I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that people consider their pets as important members of the family and that means investing in premium products that improve their pet’s quality of life,” says Tony Olson, CEO of SPINS. “Human product trends continue to extend to their pets and that is particularly true of CBD. Our data tells us that CBD is experiencing triple digit dollar growth in both pet and human industries.”

SPINS experts (Product Intelligence experts, registered dietitians and data analysts) looked at pet trends throughout the year and a panel was assembled in December 2019 to determine the trends to focus on in 2020 and products tapping into these trends. They include:

  • Environmentally Friendly: Consumers are increasingly motivated to be more environmentally conscious and pet companies are tapping into this trend. Pioneer brands are looking to create meaningful impact above and beyond day-to-day pet products by spreading social and environmental consciousness.
    • West Paw is on a mission to make toys that make a difference. With their proprietary Zogoflex materials, their toys can be recycled over and over helping cut waste out of landfills.
    • Skout’s Honor Pet Supply Co. goes beyond traditional grooming to bring out a pet’s natural beauty with the addition of probiotics to protect the skin and combat inflammation, shedding, itching. Their products are nontoxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly.
    • Bark Potty is a new pee pad made of real bark and contain natural smells that compel dogs to go. One Bark Potty can replace 60 pee pads making it an eco-friendly option.
  • Raw and Real: According to SPINS library, pet products labeled raw are experiencing double digit growth. Dogs are biologically similar to carnivorous wolves and claim to see positive benefits of a raw diet for their dogs with healthier skin, coat and teeth. Brands to watch include Rawbble and Northwest Naturals.
  • Ancient Grains: The concerns of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) loom over dog owners leaving many seeking alternative pet foods that integrate ancient grains. A brand to watch is Hound and Gatos – a pet food that delivers animal protein powdered nutrition with ancient grains and superfoods.
  • Hemp and CBD: Pet companies are finding ways to integrate hemp and CBD in their products to aid in anxiety and pain relief. Of CBD products, animal chews subcategory is seeing the largest dollar growth year over year, followed by pet vitamins and supplements
    • Pet Releaf recently launched a Boom Bar that uses the protein from hemp seeds instead of CBD. Holistic Hound is another brand to watch. Their hemp and mushroom bites are made with full spectrum hemp and are rising in popularity.
    • Other CBD products to watch include Social Pets and Petabis.
  • Human-Grade Food: The popularity of pet owners wanting to feed their pets human grade food stems from the fact that human food is much more regulated with strict standards on quality and ingredients. Wet Noses has been offering innovative pet food for decade, most recently applauded for its premium pet “food in jars” with appetizing flavors like chicken cacciatore, salmon & cilantro, and beef & greens.
  • Flea and Tick: Keeping pests away is a major concern in the warmer months. TropiClean is a stand-out flea and tick brand offering a natural collar made with peppermint and cedar wood. SPINS library shows that peppermint is a trending ingredient among flea and tick repellants.

Sources: SPINSscan Natural and Specialty Gourmet (proprietary), Conventional Multi Outlet and FreshLook Perishables (powered by IRI), Public Financial Reporting, Various Industry Publications, and SPINS estimates

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