Key Category Insights for National Diabetes Awareness Month

Fruits and Veggies in a heart shaped bowl

By Jamie Phillips, MS, RDN November is Diabetes Awareness Month, an opportunity for education and raising awareness around this metabolic disorder that affects over 30 million Americans.1 Here we’ll examine what diabetes is, how it affects the diets of its sufferers, and how relevant retail segments are performing at large. What is Diabetes? When we … Read moreKey Category Insights for National Diabetes Awareness Month

Plant-Based Nutrition

SPINS trend watch - plant-based nutrition

Plant-based nutrition is a key pillar of the natural and organic industry. Mismanagement of the food system, namely livestock agriculture, has led to the rise of vegetarians and an ever more devout vegan subset. However, simply removing meat and dairy from packaged foods doesn’t nip high-sugar, fat, or sodium intake in the bud – existing … Read morePlant-Based Nutrition