From Ingredients to Packaging: How Sustainability Is Influencing the Pet Industry

image of dog food representing sustainability in the pet industry

Sustainability in the Pet Industry Sustainability has become a common focus among consumers as concerns about waste reduction and the environment grow. In addition to recycling at home and using cloth shopping bags instead of disposable ones, many consumers are bringing an eye for sustainability to the shopping aisles. Today’s pet parents are searching for sustainable products, from the packaging … Read more From Ingredients to Packaging: How Sustainability Is Influencing the Pet Industry

Infographic: The State of Sustainability

The state of sustainability infographic teaser image

USDA Certified Organic is foundational in the landscape of today’s sustainability standards. SPINS looked at the top 10 categories for certified organic sales as well as several other initiatives driving change today for a more sustainable tomorrow. Fill out the form below to access and download SPINS’ infographic on The State of Sustainability.

Green Cleaning for Spring

Aunt Fannies cleaning vinegar

By Jill Failla   While the weather may not feel like spring in much of the U.S. right now, this is the time of year when many consumers are sprucing up their homes in anticipation of warmer weather by clearing out the clutter and deep-cleaning what remains. In honor of Earth Day right around the … Read more Green Cleaning for Spring

Glassware Gives Rise to New Yogurts

Oui by Yoplait French style yogurt

By Jill Failla SPINS recently expanded its Packaging attribute in the Product Library to the REFRIGERATED YOGURT & KEFIR category, allowing for yet another nuanced view of new and emerging yogurt trends. Using this attribute, SPINS data shows that year-over-year sales for REFRIGERATED YOGURT & KEFIR products in glass jar and glass cup containers are … Read more Glassware Gives Rise to New Yogurts

2018 Trend Predictions

SPINS top 10 trend predictions for 2018

What’s ahead in 2018? From key nutrients (for people and pets alike) to special diets to sustainable innovations, SPINS’ industry experts forecast what we expect to disrupt the retail marketplace in 2018. Fill out the form below to access and download SPINS’ Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018!

2017 Trend Roundup

SPINS trend round up - recapping our trend predictions for 2017

Last year, SPINS’ industry experts forecasted the top 10 trends for 2017. From facial masks to eating insects to regenerative agriculture and more… How did our trend predictions fare in 2017? Fill out the form below to access and download the SPINS Trend Roundup: Recapping Our Predictions for 2017.

Fresh-Baked Trends in Alternative Flours

Coffee Flour

By Jill Failla Spurred by changing consumer lifestyles, including gluten-free, Paleo, Ketogenic, low-FODMAP, and raw diets, as well as a variety of allergy-friendly and free-from practices, the shelf-stable flour segment is transforming. Historically filled with a variety of wheat products, this space now extends to ancient grains, gluten-free grains, and many flours that aren’t made … Read more Fresh-Baked Trends in Alternative Flours