Milk Brands Are Responding to Changing Consumer Values

Sustainability Influences Traditional and Plant-based Milk Categories Go to any coffee shop today and you can hear the barista rattle off a wide range of milk options—many of them plant-based. Milk, for many consumers, is not the same drink they had when they were growing up. Even a glass of cow’s milk isn’t what it … Read more Milk Brands Are Responding to Changing Consumer Values

Latest Dairy Trends: Don’t Count Them Out

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Plant-based milk has made quite the splash on the shelves of supermarkets across the country. From a multitude of offerings including almond, oat, and cashew, plant-based options are more readily available than ever before. Refrigerated oat-milk alone is up 143% across all channels, while the overall plant-based category is worth a whopping $7 billion. And … Read more Latest Dairy Trends: Don’t Count Them Out

Consumer TrendWatch: Milk

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Household panel data shows that some core organic milk consumers have turned away from organic milk purchases over the last three years. With NaturaLink Consumer Segmentation, SPINS’ Consumer Insights Solution program explores buyer behavior around milk and other categories that may be winning those dollars. Leverage SPINS’ insights to better understand the shifting factors that … Read more Consumer TrendWatch: Milk

Webinar: Expo West 2016 Review

SPINS expo west 2016 review

SPINS’ Product Library senior staff mined the Expo West show floor to bring you news of the most exciting innovations, ingredients, and category crossovers. Learn more about the hot new products and trends that have us fired up for a groundbreaking year in the natural products industry!   Fill out the form below to access … Read more Webinar: Expo West 2016 Review

Expo West 2016 Recap

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The lines that once connected certain attributes to a few categories are fading fast. Trends converge to become more than passing preferences: the natural products industry is continually setting and advancing its own standards for responsibility and quality, focusing on product, planet, and people.   Fill out the form below to access and download the … Read more Expo West 2016 Recap