Hemp: Why Gen Z and Millennials are Embracing It


Key Takeaways: Hemp seeds have the potential to expand their market share in the seed market Hemp seeds are being used as ingredients to enhance their nutritional profiles and sustainability missions. Functional beverages are a key driver of hemp seed usage in food and beverage products. Consumers are seeking innovative ways to add nutrients to … Read more Hemp: Why Gen Z and Millennials are Embracing It

Hemp 101: Understanding the Superfood

hemp 101

Hemp offers many uses and benefits Hemp has made its way from specialty retailers into mainstream outlets as a common ingredient in the food, beverage, VMS, and body care aisles. Yet, many shoppers are still not sure what hemp is (and what it isn’t). That is in part because hemp only became legal in the … Read more Hemp 101: Understanding the Superfood

2018 Trend Predictions

SPINS top 10 trend predictions for 2018

What’s ahead in 2018? From key nutrients (for people and pets alike) to special diets to sustainable innovations, SPINS’ industry experts forecast what we expect to disrupt the retail marketplace in 2018. Fill out the form below to access and download SPINS’ Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018!