Amy’s Kitchen: Becoming a Household Name Using Data

cover image for SPINS Community Perspectives Interview with Amy's Kitchen CEO

Amy’s Kitchen is on a mission to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to eat well. SPINS sat down with the CEO of Amy’s, Xavier Unkovic, to better understand how the family-owned brand has grown to be a leader in the organic soup and frozen food world, competing with large CPGs. Watch to find … Read more Amy’s Kitchen: Becoming a Household Name Using Data

Frozen Natural Foods

SPINS trend watch - Frozen Foods

What do plant-based entrées, gluten-free pizzas, and prebiotics have in common? They’re all trends impacting the frozen foods aisles. SPINS’ new Natural Frozen Foods TrendWatch shares frozen food insights and market trends from SPINS’ Vice President Greg Hobby’s AFFI-CON 2018 presentation during National Frozen Food Month. Fill out the form below to access and download … Read more Frozen Natural Foods