Clean Chocolate Trends for Self-Care Shoppers: 4 Trends to Watch in 2021

young consumer biting a clean chocolate bar

Consumers Add Clean Chocolate to Self-Care Plan Chocolate is certainly a popular treat at Easter time (and at Halloween and Christmas), but shoppers don’t need a holiday to indulge. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen shoppers are eager to put a chocolate treat in their shopping baskets as a way to treat themselves during lockdown—especially when self-care is … Read more Clean Chocolate Trends for Self-Care Shoppers: 4 Trends to Watch in 2021

7 Clean Chocolatey Treats to Celebrate with Loved Ones

Check out these 7 better-for-you chocolates that you can share with that special someone (or don’t share at all and just treat yourself) this Valentine’s Day. Everyone deserves a little chocolate indulgence occasionally, and with these healthier options, you’ve got nothing to lose!   1. TruFru Photo courtesy of @tru.fru, Instagram   90 calories of 100% fresh fruit and chocolate! Indulge and enjoy every chocolatey bite, as TruFru is … Read more 7 Clean Chocolatey Treats to Celebrate with Loved Ones

Infographic: Cleaner Candy

SPINS - Cleaner Candy

The candy category is inherently indulgent, but it’s also a hotbed of innovation where natural values, gourmet tastes, and dietary motivations converge to reveal insights about the greater marketplace. SPINS looked at innovation across candy, including natural and specialty products’ growth, sweeteners, and popular dietary trends to discover how consumers satisfy cravings for sweets without … Read more Infographic: Cleaner Candy

TrendWatch: Snacking in Summer of ’17

SPINS trend watch - what's hot in summer of 2017

Dive deep into the snacking segment with SPINS to see what’s hot in the summer of ’17. Here we use our panoramic view of retail plus our proprietary product attribution to discover exactly where snacks are growing and what the trends are. We also feature hot finds from this year’s Sweets & Snacks Expo. Read … Read more TrendWatch: Snacking in Summer of ’17

Plant-Based Nutrition

SPINS trend watch - plant-based nutrition

Plant-based nutrition is a key pillar of the natural and organic industry. Mismanagement of the food system, namely livestock agriculture, has led to the rise of vegetarians and an ever more devout vegan subset. However, simply removing meat and dairy from packaged foods doesn’t nip high-sugar, fat, or sodium intake in the bud – existing … Read more Plant-Based Nutrition