Consumer TrendWatch: Milk

SPINS consumer trend-watch - Milk

Household panel data shows that some core organic milk consumers have turned away from organic milk purchases over the last three years. With NaturaLink Consumer Segmentation, SPINS’ Consumer Insights Solution program explores buyer behavior around milk and other categories that may be winning those dollars. Leverage SPINS’ insights to better understand the shifting factors that … Read more Consumer TrendWatch: Milk

Policy Insights: An Examination of the Soda Tax

SPINS Policy Insights - Sugar Scrutiny

In 2014, Berkeley, CA, became the first city in the United States to implement a public health-based soda tax. There are now eight jurisdictions in the U.S. to have passed a similar tax, though one in Cook County, IL, has been recently repealed. What do these laws mean for manufacturers and retailers – not to … Read more Policy Insights: An Examination of the Soda Tax