Store Level Data: Essential Tool for Managing Performance

Trigger growth by understanding store-level performance and trends for key business decisions

See How Store Level Data Helps Improve Velocity and Add New Retailer Accounts

Our Signals platform is the preferred reporting and analysis tool for Store Level Data. With standardized reports, an easy user interface, and quick-start access, you get the best of SLD backed by the SPINS Retailer Network.

The All-in-One Reporting Tool for Measuring and Managing Performance

Identify Voids

Identify & unlock the potential by increasing store distribution.

How widely are my products distributed within retailers?
What is the gap to “full distribution”? How much is full distribution worth to me and my retailer partner?

Store level data will identify zero-sales situations for consistently moving items which generally signifies an out-of-stock situation. 

Expert Lens: How to Identify Voids and Improve Store Distribution with Store Level Data

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Measure Velocity
Enter New Markets
Launch New Items
Monitor In-Store Events
Improve Sales Agent Effectiveness

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Snacking Company Uses SPINS Store Level Data to Energize Sales

A 3-year-old, snacking company offering a meat snack (an alternative to jerky) had been selling into 2 retailers but they were not seeing the sales figures they wanted. SPINS data allowed this snack company to spring out of its 3-year rut and grow 340% in less than a year. The company enjoyed a 12x return on its investment and is headed for an even bigger and better future.

Revenue growth
Return on investment

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Grow with Store Level Data

What can data do for you? Find out why Store Level Data is the essential growth tool for brands at every point on their maturity curve.