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SPINS Unveils New Investment Insights Suite, Powering Investors with a Data-Driven Edge

Chicago, IL – February 25, 2019 – SPINS, the leading wellness-focused data technology company, announces its new Investment Insights Suite, offering investors unprecedented data-driven insights to support smarter investment decisions and portfolio growth. SPINS Investment Insights Suite unlocks access to SPINS’ panoramic view of retail data across all channels, including proprietary Natural & Specialty retailers, providing visibility into the hottest categories and brands in the market.

Dynamic, insight-rich dashboards allow financial and strategic investors to discover, screen, and analyze brand opportunities against their own unique investment criteria. Delivered in both desktop and mobile formats, SPINS’ Investment Insights Suite is the leading tool for investors in the Natural & Specialty Products Industry.

“As the Natural Products Industry soars to an estimated $130 billion, it has become one of the most dynamic and exciting investment sectors today,” said SPINS’ President of Client Growth Solutions, Anu Goel. “With a flood of venture capital, private equity, angel investors, and major consumer-packaged-goods companies getting in on the action, investing in this space has become increasingly competitive. Investors with a solid formula to find, analyze, and grow winning brands continually reap the greatest rewards.”

“SPINS commitment to investing in innovation is unwavering,” said SPINS’ CEO, Tony Olson. “Whether it’s for brands, retailers, distributors, brokers, or investors, we will continue to build the best tools to support their goals. SPINS’ Investment Insights Suite is the latest example of that. For wellness-focused investors, it’s the premier tool for gaining a best-in-class, data-driven edge.”

SPINS’ Investment Insights Suite is available today to interested investors. Contact Edricco Reina ([email protected]) to learn more.

About SPINS Financial Partners Group:
SPINS partners with leading investors to provide data-driven tools and expertise through SPINS’ Investment Insights Suite, Mobile Insights App, Due Diligence, and Portfolio Support Solutions. Learn more at www.spins.com/partners/financial-partners-solutions.

About SPINS:
SPINS is the leading wellness-focused data technology company, providing retail consumer insights, analytics, and consulting services for the Natural Products Industry. A passionate advocate of brands, retailers and investors that promote healthy living, SPINS helps connect consumers with the better products they desire. Learn more at www.spins.com