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SPINS Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018

CHICAGO – January 5 – SPINS®, the industry-leading source in health & wellness retail intelligence, providing retailers and brands actionable insights, activation tools, and product transparency to improve the lives of consumers, releases its Top 10 Trend Predictions for 2018. From key nutrients (for people and pets alike) to special diets to sustainable innovations, here’s a taste of what SPINS industry experts think will disrupt the retail marketplace in 2018:


COLLAGEN SHAPE-SHIFTS. With a growing consumer following, collagen will appear in even more categories and products in 2018, and plant-based alternatives to the animal-derived ingredient will emerge, offering collagen’s benefit claims to a wider audience.

ELEVATED INDULGENCE FOR PETS. SPINS predicts a spike in upgraded pet treats, from functional ingredients in packaged treats at pet stores and online, to fresh-baked goodies going mainstream at standalone pet treat shops and food trucks.

FODMAP ON THE MAP. As awareness of this special diet rises, SPINS expects to see more low-FODMAP foods in the market as well as certifications and label language to help this growing body of shoppers at the shelf.

SELF-STARTING CERTIFICATIONS. Natural companies will continue to take it upon themselves to raise the standards. In particular, SPINS will keep an eye on new glyphosate-free and regenerative agriculture certifications like The Detox Project, BioChecked, the Regenerative Organic Certification, and the Certified Grass-Fed Organic program.


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