Shoppers Are Leading A

Wellness Evolution

What Does Wellness Mean to You?

Wellness has no single definition, but it's never been more popular. Today, wellness is subjective, and each person decides how they want to measure it. If you're in the wellness industry, redefining wellness might feel like a tidal wave that you can't conquer as we're in the middle of an ongoing evolution.

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In this whitepaper, we've identified 6 leading themes that shoppers are changing in the wellness landscape, and not one of them is brand new:

  • A Plant-Based Expansion is Underway
  • Clean Labels Keep Ingredients Simple
  • Proactive Health Becomes the Standard
  • Mission-Based Brands Matter
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Needs Aren't Negotiable
  • Animal-Based Products Meet Sustainability

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Discover how these macro themes are key in driving shoppers to your store, website, and brand.

Fast Food
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Sun Creme
Plant-based burgers and meat crumbles remain popular with 30.8% growth.
Vitamin C and Echinacea saw 39.4% growth as functional ingredients grew in demand.
Body care products labeled organic are growing 51.8% as the growing popularity of clean label continues.

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