SPINS Partners with Shelvspace to Create the Most Powerful Retail Execution Solution for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

(Chicago, IL – October 27, 2016) SPINS®, the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics, and consulting for the natural, organic, and specialty products industries, announced a partnership today with Shelvspace, a leading provider of cloud-based sales technology for the consumer packaged goods industry (CPG). The partnership will provide suppliers and their retail partners a better way to manage execution at the store shelf and prevent common issues such as out-of-stocks or poor displays.

The Shelvspace sales cloud software creates real-time visibility by providing data, reporting, and execution all in one simple view. Shelvspace empowers marketing and sales teams with new ways to increase sales and gain distribution. The solution also supports several plug-and-play integration opportunities, including the services of crowdsourcing audit company Field Agent, to give sales teams a complete solution without the need to integrate multiple data sets or systems.

“Combining the power of SPINS, our cloud solution, and the benefits of our shared partners gives the industry a simple and cost-effective way to manage store-level execution,” says Shelvspace CEO Dave Albertson. “We are thrilled with the new opportunities this will provide for both emerging and category-leading brands to grow their business.”

The primary challenges for the CPG industry have always been a lack of store-level visibility and the significant expense of supplying brand representatives in stores. Companies can lose 20 percent or more of overall sales potential by failing to identify and fix everyday problems occurring at store level.  The combined partnership not only provides a simpler and more cost-effective approach, it also provides suppliers with new ways to measure performance and make forward-looking decisions that offer a competitive advantage.

“Combining SPINS’ store-level data with Shelvspace’s mobile technologies will create a game-changing competitive advantage for increased profitability in the natural, organic, and specialty industries,” says SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “Extending the value of our services though this partnership arms both brand managers and sales teams with better intelligence to drive sales, promotions, and overall execution to win at the shelf.”

The combined partnership capability is now available to all SPINS and Shelvspace customers. Learn more about Shelvspace at www.shelvspace.com.

SPINS LLC is a passionate advocate for the natural and specialty products industry. Established in 1995, SPINS has been passionate about supporting companies who have a positive impact on the world by helping increase the presence and accessibility of health and wellness products.  SPINS is committed to laying the foundation for the next generation of growth, providing dynamic data, actionable insights, and digital activation solutions that contribute to a healthier and more vibrant America.  Learn more at www.spins.com.

About Shelvspace
Shelvspace is the sales cloud for the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) industry. The company mission is to transform the way consumer goods are sold to U.S. retail using simple and easy to use technology. The CPG Industry has gone over 30 years without significant change to managing a fragmented sales and brokering process. In an age of innovation, leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage is critical to long term success. Mobile tools combined with real-time data will create a game changing competitive advantage and increased profitability for the CPG industry. To learn more about Shelvspace please visit www.shelvspace.com or schedule a live demo to learn more.