Personalized E-Comm
and Delivery 

E-Commerce and Grocery Delivery When Your Shoppers Need it Most

It's now more important than ever to support your community through local delivery and online shopping.  The SPINS + Mercato partnership allows you to be the best community steward while also taking more ownership of your customers, your business and revenue.

We are immediately accepting new retailers and will work together to quickly integrate and launch.

Delivering a new e-commerce solution integrating with your business in your community with the marketing tools to enable you to deliver more personalized, health-focused messages to your customers
- when they need it most!


  • Your assortment, your data and your customer
  • Online ordering, curbside pick-up & delivery
  • Put healthy options at your shoppers fingertips
  • Increase your e-commerce revenues

Hear from the CEOs

“This timely partnership with Mercato enables any retail partner to deliver the industry’s highest standard of personalized shopping, mobile convenience and delivery to their customers, reaching even greater levels of engagement and loyalty. During these unprecedented times, SPINS is committed to aggressively investing in new technologies and partnerships like Mercato that are driving measurable sales growth and increasing loyalty between brick and mortar retailers and their customers.”

-Tony Olson, SPINS CEO

Mercato + SPINS do the heavy lifting

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Mercato Services-02
Mercato Services-03

In addition, the solution allows you the flexibility to deliver what you want, where you want, when you want it to all of your customers in need.