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Product Intelligence

A single source of truth to fuel
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Why Product Intelligence

Deliver Against Shopper Preferences

Enhance shopper experiences, increase loyalty, and get more products in baskets by providing shoppers with the information they need to express their preferences and lifestyle choices anywhere they choose to engage with you.

SPINS Product Intelligence provides the most up-to-date and complete product database to cover every possible trend, consumer search term/preference, and inventory analysis need for brands and retailers alike.

Increase Sales and Savings

Smarter Data and Enhanced
Operational Efficiency

Streamline shopper decision making with the most complete data set on the market
Perfect data across your entire catalog provides the most relevant results to shoppers every time
Faster, more accurate data onboarding ensures nothing slips through the gaps
Optimize product assortment according to the hottest trends
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The fastest, easiest way
to enhance discoverability
Take control of your narrative and activate and standardize your product data across retailers
Automated data enrichment ensures shoppers and retailers know everything about your product—even what's not on the label
Get personalized guidance on optimizing content for each retailer
Download the one-pager for a high-level solution overview for brands
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SPINS Exclusive Data

Get a Competitive Edge

SPINS is the only solution that provides a holistic view into point of sale (POS) data across Health & Wellness and Multi-Outlet retailers. By combining traditional and exclusive retailer data and enriching it with the most complete data set in-market, SPINS uniquely provides granular insight into upcoming trends for assortment optimization and product development.

SPINS data spans: Food & Beverage, Pet, Home, Health & Beauty, and More.

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Product Intelligence Overview
Learn more about SPINS product intelligence and how to apply it to support great shopper experiences


Product Intelligence Onboarding
Learn more about SPINS product onboarding and the various ways we onboard data

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