SPINS’ Commitment to Live Vibrantly in Service of Our Community

On a not so cold late November evening, a group of 11 committed SPINiZens made our way to the Chicago Food Depository to embark on an adventure in food repacking. While we didn’t know exactly what would await us there, we knew that our service would contribute to the effort to provide meals on the tables others, and we were right to expect some team bonding, cheer, and fun along the way. Upon arrival, we found our aprons, gloves, hairnets, and lockers and quickly made our way to the work floor, where we found thousands of green peppers awaiting sorting, bagging, labeling, and boxing. Quickly the pepper facts emerged: the difference between a female and male pepper, the unusual shapes and varieties, why some were tinged with red and some with light plant scarring. A discussion of the perfectly packed bag arose, and we found that a bag packed more flatly fit better into the boxes. The night was filled with stories, holiday plans, and new discoveries about our colleagues, and, in the end, we were all exhausted but proud to see how many peppers we had packed and what we had accomplished to help feed others.

SPINS’ mission is to increase the presence and accessibility of products that contribute to a healthier and more vibrant America. As part of our mission, we offer and encourage our employees to give back to their communities and the greater good. We’ll continue to share stories from SPINS Inspire Vibrancy with you here on our blog. Contact us to learn more or how you can become involved with us!