SPINS and Reasor’s Announce New Partnership

CHICAGO, IL April 28, 2015 SPINS, the leading information and services provider for the Natural and Specialty Products Industry, has announced a new partnership with Reasor’s, a 20-store Northeastern Oklahoma based retailer.

While traditionally a mainstream retailer, Reasor’s will become a new Key Account with SPINS and will gain access to SPINS’ data and insights to help them meet the needs of customers seeking out healthier products.

Reasor’s opened its first store in 1963 under the guiding principal of its founder, Larry Reasor: “Sell the customer items they want to buy, not what we want to sell them.” This policy has helped Reasor’s grow to 20 stores and has led them to their partnership with SPINS.  SPINS data and insights will guide Reasor’s in its merchandising decisions, helping the retailer find the optimal assortment for its customers and maintaining its philosophy to supply customers with they items they want.

“Partnering with SPINS is an extension of upholding the ideals set by my father,” said Reasor’s CEO Jeff Reasor, “From our first store in Tahlequah, Oklahoma to our 20 current locations, we put our customers first and work to offer them the items they want. As their demand for healthier products increases, so too must our offerings. SPINS will help us provide the right products to our shoppers.”

“Mainstream retailers opening up space on their shelves for natural and organic products speaks to the growing strength of the industry,” said SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “We are excited to work with Reasor’s to help them deliver quality products to their customers, and build a relationship that will continue to grow. “

At SPINS, we believe there’s more than meets the eye to data. As the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics and consulting for the Natural, Organic and Specialty Products Industry, we strive to transform raw data into intelligent and actionable business solutions. Our mission is to maximize the value of information for growing the natural products industry. We carry out our mission by providing information, insight and a common language for the industry with which to understand and analyze consumer, retail and broad marketplace dynamics.

About Reasor’s
Reasor’s® was founded 51 years ago at a single location in Tahlequah, Oklahoma by namesake, Larry Reasor. Today, the company has 18 locations and two convenience stores throughout northeastern Oklahoma. In 2007, Reasor’s® became employee-owned and now provides jobs for nearly 3,000 community members. In 2013, Supermarket News ranked the company #25 on its Top 50 Small Chains and Independents in the U.S. For more information about Reasor’s®, visit www.reasors.com.