SPINS and Natural Grocers Announce Newly Expanded Partnership

CHICAGO, IL – October 21, 2015 — SPINS, the leading information and service provider for the natural & specialty products industry, and Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc., a rapidly expanding specialty retailer of natural and organic groceries and dietary supplements, today announced an expanded long-term partnership to continue to collaboratively support the success of the natural products industry.


SPINS will support Natural Grocers’ initiatives to expand into new communities and empower more consumers to make well-informed health and nutrition choices. Natural Grocers, based in Lakewood, Colorado, currently operates 103 stores in 18 states, providing the communities it serves with fresh produce that is exclusively USDA Certified Organic, as well as other healthy and affordable organic and natural products. “We look forward to our continued partnership with SPINS producing mutually beneficial results,” says Kemper Isely, Co-President of Natural Grocers.


Natural Grocers got its start 60 years ago and was founded by Philip and Margaret Isely, who helped pioneer the concept of healthy eating for wellness at a time when processed and preservative-ridden foods were becoming commonplace in society. Natural Grocers was built on the premise that consumers should have access to affordable, high-quality foods and dietary supplements, along with nutrition knowledge to help support their own health. Today, Natural Grocers remains family-run and upholds the same principles on which it was founded.


“Natural and organic product sales have increased to more than $90 billion as more shoppers become educated on the significant role nutrition has on overall well-being,” says SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “Natural Grocers has had a profound influence on the communities it serves, enabling a growing number of shoppers to make healthier decisions and providing them with quality products that promote wellness. SPINS is proud to support Natural Grocers, and we look forward to fulfilling our shared vision, building lasting change in our food systems through our expanded partnership.”


At SPINS, we believe there’s more than meets the eye to data. As the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics and consulting for the Natural, Organic and Specialty Products Industry, we strive to transform raw data into intelligent and actionable business solutions. Our mission is to maximize the value of information for growing the natural products industry. We carry out our mission by providing information, insight and a common language for the industry with which to understand and analyze consumer, retail and broad marketplace dynamics.

About Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, Inc. (NYSE: NGVC; NaturalGrocers.com) is a rapidly expanding specialty retailer of organic and natural groceries, body care and dietary supplements. The company offers a flexible, neighborhood-store format, affordable prices and free, science-based nutrition education programs to help customers make informed health and nutrition choices. Natural Grocers has over 2,700 employees and operates more than 100 stores in 18 states. Founded in Colorado in 1955, the company is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2015.