SPINS and IX-ONE Expand Partnership

CHICAGO, IL July 27, 2016 – SPINS®, the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics, and consulting for the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Products Industries, and IX-ONE™, the industry’s choice for product data and images, announce an expanded data partnership enriching the already robust information solutions offered by the companies.


Launched in collaboration with industry-leading partners, IX-ONE takes a 360-degree product image and captures all product attributes, organized by SPINS’ product taxonomy [or classification] and structure, to create a centralized hub where manufacturers access and share their product information with their trading partners. It captures over 30 images and 1000 data points per item, including label-based claims, third party certifications, and supply chain and logistics information such as dimensions and weight. Additionally, product data and images are royalty free. Members can use, post and share their information from one centralized database the industry can trust to be complete and accurate.


SPINS’ categorization has become the reporting standard throughout the industry. This expanded partnership builds a cohesive bridge between manufacturers’ product information and the data insights the industry receives from SPINS.


“As a founding member of the IX-ONE data exchange, we’re excited to see our collaboration grow and our capabilities expand, developing this definitive source for both package facts and supply chain information in the Natural, Organic, and Specialty Industries,” says SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “Being competitive in the market begins with complete and accurate data. There is a real need for factual, centralized product information, allowing our industry to become more transparent and more efficient. IX-ONE’s unique label-based data platform has benefits for the entire industry: brokers, distributors, retailers, etc. We encourage all of our clients and partners to become a part of IX-ONE’s mission.”


“We’re thrilled to grow our relationship with SPINS. Since our inception, they‘ve been an active partner helping to drive IX-ONE adoption,” says IX-ONE CEO Troy Benscoter. “SPINS leads the industry as an innovator and provider of insights for the Natural and Specialty Products Industries, and their expertise in product categorization brings significant value to our solution. Our new expanded partnership helps IX-ONE bring more product attributes and information to our partners to drive our industry forward.”


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About IX-ONE
IX-ONE (www.ix-one.net) is the Natural, Organic and Specialty Product Industry’s product data and image exchange, developed by The Data Council, Inc. IX-ONE is a membership-based solution that provides independently verified and standardized product information to industry vendors, brokers, distributors, retailers and key partners. The IX-ONE exchange allows its members royalty-free use of all applicable data and images to run their businesses including internal systems, marketing, billing and more. They physically handle and image every product annually including capturing all available data.