SPINS and HowGood Announce New Partnership

HowGood rates and marks products as Good, Great, and Best with retail shelf tags. Current partner stores are seeing an increase in the average consumer spend per basket!

CHICAGO, IL – November 12, 2015 – SPINS, the leading information and service provider for the Natural and Specialty Products Industry, has announced a new partnership with HowGood, an independent research organization based in New York that rates foods for best practices in sustainability.
Founded in 2007, HowGood developed their research model in collaboration with farmers, NGOs, scientists, and academics to develop a system to aid shoppers in identifying leaders of ethical food production. Factors like humane animal husbandry, pollution profile, water record, fair wages, local ingredient sourcing, and 70+ other sustainability factors are weighted on a category-specific matrix to evaluate a product’s social and environmental impact.
How does HowGood rate and mark products? Good, Great, and Best-rated products are marked with retail shelf tags. Learn the justification behind the rating online and through HowGood’s mobile application.
Consumers spend more at participating stores. HowGood’s current partner stores have seen an average increase of $2.30 per basket when its ratings are added to shelves, with sales of Best-rated products driving the majority of growth.
“It’s proven that socially and environmentally responsible foods are supported by the majority of today’s shoppers and retailers,” says Alexander Gillett, CEO, HowGood. “This partnership with SPINS creates a data-driven opportunity to understand the market’s overwhelming interest, and will help ensure the success of sustainable producers and the future vitality of our food system.”
“SPINS is pleased to partner with HowGood as part of our ongoing commitment to increase the value of information to grow the healthy foods market,” says Tony Olson, CEO, SPINS. “Our data verifies that Best-rated products are outpacing the market with 14% dollar growth, and we’re excited to provide our clients and industry partners the added visibility into the product attributes that are driving consumer interest.”
Learn more about how the SPINS and HowGood partnership works.
HowGood’s growing database of 170,000 rated products is now integrated in SPINS reporting tools and accessible to SPINS CPG clients, retailers, and distributor partners. Participating HowGood stores will receive SPINS-generated reports to evaluate rated product performance in-store versus the market. For additional information, please visit www.spins.com or www.howgood.com.
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