SPINS and Green Spoon Sales Announce Exclusive Data Partnership

CHICAGO, September 22, 2020 – SPINS®, a leading wellness-focused data, analytics and technology provider in the U.S., and Green Spoon Sales, a national food and beverage brokerage specializing in disruptive emerging consumer packaged goods brands, today announced a new exclusive data partnership. The partnership is in place to strengthen the connectivity between SPINS and Green Spoon’s retailers and manufacturers while accelerating their growth. A major component of the agreement provides enhanced data access for Green Spoon across multiple SPINS’ channels.

“While there have been many hurdles thrown at our industry and others this year, SPINS has remained focused on our investments in innovation that strengthen our partnerships with companies such as Green Spoon that benefit brands and retailers,” said Tony Olson, Owner and CEO of SPINS. “Now, more than ever, insights and data technology are essential for brands to navigate the landscape and scale. We are excited to elevate these innovative brands with this exclusive partnership.”

SPINS and Green Spoon first partnered in early 2019, with this latest announcement deepening the partnership even more and providing additional access in data for both the national and conventional channels. This also serves as an exclusive partnership within the trade in regard to data shared, allowing Green Spoon to further their investment in obtaining resources needed to best service their partners.

“This past year we’ve taken great strides in investing in the growth of our brand, and this latest partnership with SPINS is a perfect complement to that, said Green Spoon Sales Co-Founder and CEO, Kari Pedriana. “A year ago, we first announced that we were scaling nationally and now we’re thrilled to go even further, specifically within the conventional channel, as we find new ways to invest like with this exciting and exclusive deal.”

Clients will immediately benefit from enhanced insights to identify opportunity and drive meaningful outcomes at retail partners. For more information on SPINS and their various offerings, visit www.Spins.com and for details on Green Spoon and the services they provide within the national and conventional channels, visit wwww.GreenSpoonSales.com.

About Green Spoon Sales
Green Spoon Sales is a natural food and beverage brokerage that represents the most disruptive and emerging consumer packaged goods in the industry. packaged goods throughout the nation. Green Spoon works with like-minded brands and people that share the common desire to shake things up, to bring the most exciting and highest quality products to shelf, to offer our retail partners products that their customers are proud to purchase. The team knows that the only way to do this is with passion, integrity, communication and hard work. The Green Spoon Team doesn’t just talk the talk but is dedicated to going above and beyond for our clients and for our clients and for our retailers to get the job done. Learn more at www.greenspoonsales.com.


SPINS is a wellness-focused data company and advocate for the Natural Products Industry. Over the past two decades, SPINS' investments have led to a common language used across the industry as well as laid the foundation for the next generation of innovation, while providing dynamic data, actionable insights, and digital activation solutions that drive growth for our clients & partners and contribute to a healthier and more vibrant America. Learn more at www.spins.com.


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