SPINS and Compellon Announce Partnership

CHICAGO, IL, December 16, 2015 – SPINS™, the leading information and service provider for the Natural and Specialty Products Industry, today announces an expansion of its insights offerings through its new partnership with Compellon™, the developer of breakthrough prescriptive analytics that quickly and easily delivers immediate actionable intelligence.

How does it work? SPINS leverages its extensive SPINSscan proprietary data and product attribution on the Compellon20|20 Platform to quickly and easily create predictors that anticipate outcomes and behaviors in the Natural and Specialty Gourmet markets. This new partnership is a paradigm shift in the way data is leveraged to deliver faster, more accurate answers to how and why consumers are buying health and wellness oriented products. The Compellon20|20 software platform uses proprietary machine learning technology to create a novel discovery, modeling and predicting capability unique to the industry.

How does it benefit our clients and partners?  Together, SPINS and Compellon are making prescriptive analytics so fast and simple that it can become the foundation for manufacturers and retailers to use in their daily operations to identify consumers’ wants and demands. SPINS product attribution adds unrivaled insight into the label claims, certifications, and product positioning; driving sales and innovation, now and in the future.

Why Compellon?  Founded by a team of seasoned technology experts, Compellon is transforming the traditional trial-and-error methodology of data analysis with its proprietary prescriptive analytics technology.  This solution is capable of automatically discovering, learning and adapting in dynamic data environments, making it ideal for the fast-paced, innovative health and wellness industry.

“SPINS’ partnership with Compellon signifies a huge opportunity for our industry to access breakthrough technology leveraging both highly segmented, fact-based retail measurement data and proven analytic technology to drive success,” says SPINS CEO Tony Olson. “Together, we are moving the power of prescriptive analytics into the hands of our clients to fuel innovation and help them identify and market products that resonate with buyers.”

The joint SPINS and Compellon solutions will launch early next year and will be available to clients as part of SPINS’ SATORI Insights services.


About SPINS™

SPINS LLC is a passionate advocate for the natural and specialty products industry. Established in 1995, SPINS has been passionate about supporting companies who have a positive impact on the world by helping increase the presence and accessibility of health and wellness products.  SPINS is committed to laying the foundation for the next generation of growth, providing dynamic data, actionable insights, and digital activation solutions that contribute to a heathier and more vibrant America.  Learn more at www.spins.com.

About Compellon™ 

As the pioneer in making prescriptive analytics quick and easy to use, California-based Compellon delivers the most actionable intelligence available, enlightening users about not only what will happen, but why. The Compellon20|20 software platform, based on assumption-free machine learning, empowers teams working in customer experience, marketing, manufacturing and operations to rapidly take action. For more information, visit www.compellon.com.

SPINS Press Contact: Jennifer Fuller

[email protected], (760) 271-3885

COMPELLON Press Contact: Michelle McAdam

[email protected], (310) 902-1274