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SPINS Scorecards are presentation-ready, cross channel, and account specific PDF reports, available for download in the SPINS Portal as you need them. Leverage Scorecards to seamlessly share key insights with retailer and broker partners.

Activate your free SPINS Portal account to view Scorecards available for purchase, plus other valuable content and resources in SPINS' centralized hub.

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What is a scorecard?

Scorecards are pre-generated reports that drill down to the most essential metrics to understand
your performance across channels and at specific retailers.

  • Your brands' dollar and unit trends by year
  • Brand performance against the category
  • Key attributes fueling your brand's growth ahead of the category
  • Trended view of dollar, unit, and distribution metrics for all stores and by region (if applicable)
  • Your brand's top- and bottom-performing items
  • Early insights on the performance of your new items
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Cross-Channel Scorecards

Personalized sales presentations for brands that communicates a brand's success and growth factors. 

Understand your current performance across channels, and leverage this report to drive expansion and revenue opportunities.

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Promotion scorecards

Analyze your incremental lift in both dollars and unites from your latest promotion at a specific retailer.

This report also provides a 52-week trend on base, incremental, and pricing facts on your promotional activity to better collaborate with specific retailers.

Brand scorecard
Brand Scorecards

Know how your brand stacks up with 52-week topline performance benchmarks to drive success.

Diagnose how macro trends effect your brand across different time frames. Utilize item-level granularity for top, bottom, and new item performance.

Helping retailers & brands accelerate growth together


  • Harness your own data with powerful attribute analysis for intelligent category management
  • Optimize assortment and differentiate based on consumer preferences and emerging trends
  • Drive stronger collaboration with your vendors around shared data-driven insights


  • Manage and grow your business in the retailers who matter most to you
  • Stay ahead of the competition and act fast on emerging innovation opportunities
  • Leverage data-driven insights to pursue and expand retail relationships