Five Brands Worth Taking Your Mask Off For This Week: 5/11/20

May 11, 2020
by SPINS Marketing


Over the past couple months, we have all heard again and again: SHOP LOCAL. EAT LOCAL. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES. Well, here are 5 Naturally Chicago members that could use your support!

If you haven’t tried them already, what are you waiting for?

1. Hoppy Planet Foods

Hoppy planet foods logo

WHY: For anyone who doesn’t want to give up the foods they love but does want to feel better about what they eat, Hoppy Planet is your home.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Online and local retailers.

Hoppy planet foods


2. Maple Hill Creamery

Maple hill Creamery logo

WHY: Maple Hill’s 100% grass-fed
organic dairy products are made from
pasture-raised, happy, healthy cows.
100% grass-fed is everything you love
about organic, and more. Better for us,
better for cows, better for the land and
better for farmers.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Plum Market,
Bockwinkels, Dill Pickle Food Co-op,
and other local retailers.

maple hill creamery photo

3. Seeds of Change

seeds of change logo

WHY: Committed to providing 100%
seed-to-plate organic goodness, Seeds
of change creates healthier, greener,
communities. 1% of every sale goes
towards projects that help communities
grow more of their own food.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Pete’s Fresh Market, Fairplay Foods, Tony’s Finer Foods, and other local retailers.

Seed of change photo

4. Sunshine Plant-Based Foods

Sunshine plant based foods logo

WHY: Sunshine Burgers are crafted with flavorful and nutritious, organic whole food ingredients, and nothing more. No matter what you’re craving, their many flavor varieties provide you with a tasty, fast, and easy meal.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Plum Market, Hyde Park Produce, Pete’s Fresh Market, Fruitful Yield, and other local retailers.

Sunshine foods photo


Chomps logo

WHY: Snacking staples you can feel good about for whenever you need them. Chomps protein-packed snacks deliver on taste, simple ingredients and powerful nutrition.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Foxtrot and other local retailers.

Chomps photo