webinar cover with text and image of man holding his dog

Webinar: Taking Action to Grow in Today’s Pet Market

Over the last few months, the country has seen record numbers of pet adoptions. This means new pet parents to educate and new pet parents who are ready to buy and are looking for better experiences.

In this webinar recording from August 5th, we dive into the data available to you and how it will allow you to take meaningful action in growing your business. Go from gut to facts to ensure your growth 2020 and beyond.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How a business intelligence view into retail store data will help you identify opportunities for brand positioning, innovation and growth
  • Which ingredients and other attributes are most important to today’s pet parents
  • How industry benchmark data will help you better understand your growth potential as well as your competition
  • Which data to use to identify distribution voids and how to go about filling them.
  • How to optimize your promotional efforts across channels

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