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3 Categories on the Rise this Pumpkin Flavor Season

There’s a Pumpkin Product for Every Meal Occasion

Pumpkin spice has become such a popular seasonal staple that its annual return is eagerly awaited by its devotees and even newsworthy. (Seriously.) However, pumpkin flavor is having its own time in the spotlight—even without the spice!

PSLs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. After all, pumpkin spice refrigerated creams and creamers are up 145.7% for the 12 weeks ending August 8, 2021 according to SPINS Natural Enhanced Channel and Conventional Multioutlet Channel (powered by IRI).

Spice-less items--from pumpkin-flavored drinks to snacks and desserts—are popular grocery items right now. Here are 3 categories where pumpkin is winning the battle for shoppers:

Shoppers Pour Themselves a Pint of Pumpkin Beer

Pumpkin isn’t only a flavor for your morning cup of coffee. Beer drinkers are enjoying pumpkin flavor once it hits 5 o’clock (somewhere), and a rise in pumpkin beer and ales proves it.

For the 24 weeks ending August 8, pumpkin-flavored beer, hard cider, and other malt beverages were up:

Natural Enhanced Channel
Multi Outlet Channel
Regional Grocery Channel

Keep an eye on brands like New Belgium Atomic Pumpkin Voodoo and Flying Dog The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

Sandwiches Get a Year-Round Boost With  Pumpkin Spread

Pumpkin’s a reliable seasonal seller, but in some categories it’s actual a daily shelf staple. Throughout the year you can find pumpkin spread (made from pumpkin seeds) alongside various nut butters like almond and peanut. Because pumpkin seeds are not common allergens, many shoppers are updating their PB&Js. Looking at natural and conventional channels together, shelf stable nut and seed butters are up 86.4% for the 12-week period ending August 8.

Of course, there are plenty of seasonal options as well, such as Bonne Maman’s pumpkin spice spread, which is only available a few months each year.

Pumpkin Finds a Home in Breakfast Snacks

Perhaps no dessert says “The holidays are here!” like pumpkin pie does. Unlike pumpkin-flavored beers or PSLs, pumpkin pie only gets the spotlight once or twice a year at the actual holiday meal. Rather than abstain from this quintessential dessert for 363 days a year, shoppers are sneaking it into their breakfast options. Shelf stable cookies and snack bars with pumpkin are up 40.6% for the 4 weeks ending August 8.

Shoppers are satisfying their pumpkin pie cravings with items like Kellogg Pop-Tarts and Nature’s Path toaster pastries.

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