5 Sweets Without Spooky Ingredients

You may not be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to some delicious sweets. Check out these better-for-you candy brands that will satisfy your sweet tooth without any spooky ingredients.

1. SmartSweets

Photo courtesy of @smartsweets, Instagram


SmartSweets helps you kick sugar while keeping candy! Whether you prefer sour or sweet, these low sugar, low calorie gummies are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth this Halloween.

2. SkinnyDipped

Photo courtesy of @skinnydipped Instagram

Your childhood faves, all grown up. SkinnyDipped uses low-sugar, real ingredients to create these outrageously delicious snacks.

3. Alter Eco

Photo courtesy of @alterecosf, Instagram

Alter Eco sources healthy and delicious, organic, fair trade ingredients from small-scale farmers around the world.

4. Undercover Snacks

Photo courtesy of @undercoversnacks, Instagram

Undercover Snacks offers delicious and better-for-you snacks made form healthy ingredients in disguise, like crispy quinoa!

5. YumEarth

Photo courtesy of @yumearth Instagram

Delicious allergy-friendly Halloween treats without the spooky ingredients! YumEarth’s candies are free from top allergens, artificial dyes, and GMOs.