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Shelf Tags Are Too Valuable to Ignore

SPINS and Pangea Announce Partnership

The shelf tag is one of very few places a customer is guaranteed to look every time they go to the store, but it’s too often overlooked. When a retailer doesn’t use this valuable real estate to its fullest potential, they’re missing the opportunity to educate customers, increase basket sizes, and earn loyalty. Most importantly, they’re letting other retailers gain this competitive edge.

To help retailers maximize the potential of their shelf tags without adding more work to their plates, SPINS has partnered with Pangea. As a preferred partner and premier shelf tag provider, Pangea gains access to the SPINS Product Intelligence library, allowing them to enhance tags with insights that drive customers’ buying decisions.

Product Intelligence Bring Convenient Education to Customers

Today, consumers can unlock their phone and comparison shop with nearby stores or online vendors to see who has the items they’re looking for. They can even get distracted (and frustrated) researching an item to see if it aligns with their needs. Retailers gain an advantage when they make education convenient.

SPINS Product Intelligence has the answers to those questions because it goes beyond the product packaging to capture label claims, nutrition panel, and allergen information that consumers factor into buying decisions. When shoppers find that information on a shelf tag, they find all the information they’re looking for—and maybe even more than they expected. They’ve also found their go-to retailer for convenience and education.

Imagine a customer browsing the aisles for a vegan frozen entrée. They see an item with Keto prominently displayed on the package and keep scanning the cooler for an item marked vegan instead. Had that shelf tag been enhanced with top product attributes, they would have easily discovered that the item is also vegan and even gluten free. Thanks to the improved shelf tag, the shopper saved time and found the right product, and the retailer gained a customer.

Pangea Gives Retailers an Advantage

When retailers work with Pangea and add top product attributes directly to a product’s shelf tag, they’re not only putting the customer’s convenience first, but they’re also establishing themselves as a trusted source for education. That sets the foundation for a long-term relationship retailers can continue to build on.

“Pangea partnering with SPINS now provides our clients an opportunity to seamlessly and quickly integrate product attributes not available from other sources into our customized enterprise-wide shelf-edge, display and mobile solutions, including in-store printing,” says Michael Hay, Vice President of Services & Solutions for Pangea. “This, along with the other unique benefits SPINS brings to the retail marketplace was an obvious fit to Pangea.”

Pangea’s reputation as a leading shelf tag provider comes from the millions of tags and labels they’ve shipped for thousands of retail locations in North America on more than 125,000 SKUs. They understand that retailers need to stay as competitive as possible but don’t have time to spare. That’s why their streamlined process requires minimal lift from retailers: SPINS provides Product Intelligence Library access for retailers and Pangea incorporates that data into shelf tags. As the one-stop provider for retailers, Pangea is the preferred platform for complete solution integrity. Pangea can also implement this data for shelf tags on a retailer’s online experience as well and enhance the eCommerce shopping experience.

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