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Seven Seasonal Items to Get for This Holiday Season

These brands are on a mission to spread holiday cheer with their festive flavors! Check out some of the hottest seasonal items to hit shelves this season, from hard seltzers, to snacks, and supplements—and enjoy them before they’re gone.

1. Nude Beverages

Photo courtesy of @nudebeverages, Instagram


Nude Beverages are getting in the spirit this year with their “holiday nudes” 12-pack of sugar-, sweetener-, and carb-free hard seltzers. They also have their own advent calendar! Talk about holiday cheer(s).

2. Siete Foods

Photo courtesy of @sietefoods, Instagram


Siete Foods brings a family holiday tradition to your shelves with their Cinnamon Crisps Mini Buñuelos. Serve with coffee or hot chocolate!

3. Perfect Snacks

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This limited-batch candy cane treat will send you into a winter wonderland with peanut butter, honey, peppermint, sprinkles, and fair trade white chocolate.

4. Tate’s Bake Shop

Photo courtesy of @tatesbakeshop, Instagram


Tate’s gingersnap and cinnamon brown sugar limited edition cookies have the magic of the season baked in.

5. Claxton Bakery

Photo courtesy of @francinesfoodfinds , Instagram


Claxton Fruit Cake has been famous for their quality and value for over a century!

6. Olipop

Photo courtesy of @drinkolipop, Instagram


Olipop’s seasonal blackberry vanilla flavor was inspired by picking wild blackberries in the summer and preserving them into jams for the winter to ring in the holiday cheer.

7. Health-Ade

Photo courtesy of @healthade, Instagram


This festive brew blends the seasonal flavors of ginger, vanilla, and allspice, plus the health benefits of kombucha. We’ll cheers to that!

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