plant based case study

Plant-based Milk Company Added SKUs and Expanded Distribution by 48% After 1 Year With SPINS

A 7 year-old plant-based milk company specialized in super-creamy, alternative nut milk using only the purest, fresh, natural ingredients. After they secured distribution in 2 large natural retailers, one of their retail partners suggested they work with SPINS to acquire their store level data and understand how they might meet their expansion goals.

With this store level data in hand, they did just that. The plant-based milk company increased their distribution within their existing footprint and added another 10 retailers to their roster. In the first few months of having this SPINS data, they expanded their distribution by 48%.

The store level data also helped them understand their market position: which SKUs moved best and at which price point. They soon realized the key to growth was to introduce new SKUs and also reduce their price by 15%.

These changes resulted in 58% growth and a 20x return on their store-level data investment, surpassing their expansion in the 12 months since coming to SPINS.

plant based dairy case study results

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