Five Brands Worth Taking Your Mask Off For This Week: 5/25/20

While Memorial Day BBQs may look a little different this year, we can all still find joy in good food. This year, shop local and support these 5 hometown brands when planning your cookout (or cook-in)!

1. Garlic Expressions

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WHY: Start your Memorial Day feast with a
salad tossed in Garlic Expressions® classic
vinaigrette dressing, or even use it with
meats, vegetables, and pasta! This delicious
dressing is made with whole garlic cloves,
and is free of cholesterol and gluten.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Plum Market and other
local retailers

2. Positive Pretzels

Photo courtesy of @positivepretzels, Instagram

WHY: Crafted with clean and simple
ingredients, Positive Pretzels offers a
line of flavorful snacks that make a great
side or snack, no matter what you’re
serving this Memorial Day.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Foxtrot Market, Dill
Pickle Food Co-op, Standard Market,
and other local retailers

3. Pre Brands

Photo courtesy of @eatpre, Instagram

WHY: Beef done differently. Pre is
sourced ethically from farmers with nutrient-
rich pastures, and is cut, trimmed, or
ground in Chicago.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Foxtrot Market and
other local retailers

4. Social Sparkling Wine

Photo courtesy of @socialsparkling, Instagram

WHY: Feel good about pouring yourself
another glass with “the cleanest alcohol!”
Social Sparkling is USDA certified
organic, gluten and sulfite free, and only
88 calories.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Fresh Thyme
Farmers Market and other local retailers

5. Sacred Serve

Photo courtesy of @sacredserve, Instagram

WHY: There is always room for dessert with
this handcrafted gelato made by combining
certified organic young coconut meat with
potent superfoods, adaptogenic herbs, and
just a hint of low-glycemic coconut sugar. The result is a rich, creamy gelato packed with plant-based nutrition.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Bell’s Food Store, Dill
Pickle Food co-op, and other local retailers

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