Five Brands Worth Taking Your Mask Off For This Week: 5/18/20

Over the past couple months, we have all heard again and again: SHOP LOCAL. EAT LOCAL. SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES. Well, here are 5 Naturally Chicago members that could use your support!

If you haven’t tried them already, what are you waiting for?

1. Heywell

WHY: Wellness made simple. Made with
vitamins, adaptogens, herbs, and super
berries, Heywell’s delicious sparkling
waters help you meet the demands of
modern life.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Foxtrot and other local

WHY: Clean, nutritious foods for a
better life – it’s that simple. Simple Mills
strives to make healthful choices easy
by oering food baked goods, baking
mixes, and crackers that taste great in
the moment and nourish your body for
the long-term.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Thrive Market,
Plum Market, Foxtrot, Bockwinkels, and
other local retailers

WHY: Working with farmers, not labs. Big
Fork Brands began when founders Lance
and Ann Avery hit the kitchen determined
to combine two of America’s favorite meats
– bacon and sausage – in a unique way.

WHERE CAN I BUY: The Standard Market,
Dill Pickle Food Co-op, and other local

WHY: COCO5 is an all-natural sports drink
powered by young coconut water. It contains no artificial ingredients and only naturally occurring electrolytes to improve hydration. “It was developed by a team of medical experts determined to invent a healthier beverage alternative for professional athletes, recreational athletes, and active people of all ages.”

WHERE CAN I BUY: Plum Market and other
local retailers

WHY: Greenridge Farm believes food is a
universal language that brings people together and forges lifelong bonds. They’ve built their brand on producing all-natural, high-quality meats and cheeses, made in small batches and sourced from only the freshest ingredients for you to enjoy.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Tony’s Finer Foods,
Cermak Fresh Market, and other local retailers

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