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Father’s Day: No Gift, No Worries

Whether you’re celebrating Father’s Day in person or via zoom, it’s not too late to run out and pick up the perfect gift to make this weekend special. With the recent lifting of lockdown restrictions, you can even turn the gift into an experience! We’ve gone ahead and corralled a list of some last-minute gift and event ideas we know he’ll love. Browse our list below to give dad the Father’s Day he deserves!

Offer to cook Dad dinner!

Our data revealed frozen plant-based burgers are up 17.7%! So, while Dad may claim to be a grill master, this could be your opportunity to step in and show him the new era of the barbecue. Brands like Beyond Burger and Lightlife, offer plenty of options to help spice up your menu. And with plant-based beef alternative up 35%, he may not even know the difference!

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Show him his new favorite happy hour alternative!

What will pair best with your dinner alternative? A cold drink to match! It’s 5:00 somewhere, and somewhere may as well be in your own backyard! Natural alcohol is on the rise with SPINS Natural Enchanced Channel and SPINS MultiOutlet showing beer under 100 calories rising 6,393% and low-calorie malt beverages growing at a shocking 11,100%, so if all the cool kids are doing it, shouldn’t he? We’d recommend Cutwater Cocktails for an easy cocktail alternative showcasing flavors like Mango Margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, Bloody Mary, and more. If Dad is typically more of a beer drinker, pick up a 6 pack of Boochcraft hard kombucha!

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Make him breakfast in bed with a cup-of-joe!

It’s time to return the favor for all those pre-school mornings when Dad got you ready for the day. With shelf-stable tea and coffee up 10.2%, you have the perfect opportunity to bring him breakfast in bed. With brands like Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Peace Coffee, you have a wide-and delicious- variety to choose from. And if you’re on the go that morning, don’t sweat it! Califia Farms has been dominating the refrigerated coffee section with a 17.1% growth. Iced vanilla late is our favorite, but there’s plenty more to choose from for dad’s tastes!

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Give him a glow that’ll guarantee to take him back in time

Nothing will boost Dad’s confidence like a time machine. There’s a reason natural shaving cream is up 10.8% with brands like Dr. Bronner’s using a formula guaranteed to give dad his younger-self glow. Pick up a bottle at your nearest Natural Store so you can be mistaken as brother’s when you go out together.

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Regardless of which route you choose to take, Dad will feel appreciated and recognized after a long year of uncertainty. From all of us at SPINS, we are wishing you a happy, healthy, and safe Father’s Day!

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