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Latest Dairy Trends: Don’t Count Them Out

Plant-based milk has made quite the splash on the shelves of supermarkets across the country. From a multitude of offerings including almond, oat, and cashew, plant-based options are more readily available than ever before. Refrigerated oat-milk alone is up 143% across all channels, while the overall plant-based category is worth a whopping $7 billion. And while the success of plant-based dairy is something to keep a watchful eye on, that’s not to say that traditional dairy is to be forgotten.

In honor of World Milk Day today, we wanted to highlight the strides that traditional Dairy brands are making to not only compete with the newly inventive plant-based category, but to showcase their innovative growth. From the inclusion of label claims, to the stronger emphasis on better-for-you positioning, dairy brands everywhere are ready to be on top again.

Our data shows that the biggest drivers in the dairy department have been label claims. These small but mighty brand markings are a golden ticket into the shopper’s basket. Dairy labels such as USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Grass-fed, and No Added Hormones are all up 4%. With the last year putting such a strong emphasis on products that both taste good and are good for you, brands have been launching items that meet these needs. The below list of brands have been growing their portfolio with numerous healthier options, showing that being non-plant-based doesn’t mean non-healthy.

Lactose Free

Organic Valley has recently launched an organic, lactose-free, low-fat chocolate milk. SPINS data shows that sales of lactose-free dairy products rose 15% in 2020.

Earlier this year, Stonyfield Organic debuted single-serve, lactose-free bottled milk in plain and chocolate reduced-fat varieties.

Grass Fed

Maple Hill Creamery is launching Zero Sugar Organic Ultra-Filtered Milk, which is 100% grass-fed, USDA certified organic.

Organic Valley is rolling out Fat Free Grassmilk, made with milk from third-party certified grass-fed cows on organic family farms, containing vitamins A and D, and is USDA Organic certified. According to our data, Grass-fed milk is seeing a three-year compound annual growth rate of 27%.

2021 is going to be a year of creativity for dairy farmers. Plant-based producers are increasingly adding vitamins and minerals to their products to appease the minds of shoppers nutritional needs but are still falling short of the traditional dairy so many of us grew up with. Traditional dairy producers have seized on the leg up they enjoy in meeting shoppers’ desire for nutrient-dense choices for their households. Even after all these years, traditional dairy is still innovating and surprising shoppers more than ever before.

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