image showing a better for you dessert

7 Better for You Desserts to Compliment Your Feast

Check out 7 better-for-you dessert options for this year’s small Thanksgiving gatherings – or even just for you! They are the delicious comfort foods that everyone deserves this year.

1. Mammoth Creameries

Photo courtesy of @mammothcreameries, Instagram


No slice of pie is complete without a scoop of ice cream on top! Keto-approved Mammoth Creameries has flavors to match whatever you’re in the mood for this Thanksgiving.

2. Abe’s Muffins

Photo courtesy of @abesmuffins, Instagram


While Abe’s is famous for their vegan, allergy-friendly muffins, their new line of celebration cakes is perfect for any holiday!

3. Coolhaus

Photo courtesy of @coolhaus, Instagram


Coolhaus ice cream provides the comfort we all need this Thanksgiving! Add a scoop to your pie or eat the whole pint – we won’t judge.

4. Ripple

Photo courtesy of @ripplefoods, Instagram


Experience the joy of ice cream without the dairy with Ripple’s new plant-based ice creams.

5. Organic Valley

Photo courtesy of @organicvalley, Instagram


Make the freshest whipped cream you’ve ever tasted using Organic Valley’s Heavy Whipping Cream! Just add sugar, vanilla, and whip it on up.

6. Two-Bite

Photo courtesy of @twobitebrand, Instagram


Always the right-size treat, Two-Bite offers everything from pumpkin tarts to brownies to serve all your dessert needs.

7. Tate’s Bake Shop

Photo courtesy of @tatesbakeshop, Instagram


Is it a cookie? Or is it a pie? Tate’s Bake Shop has your Thanksgiving dessert covered this year, with handcrafted cookies, pies, brownies, and more.