4 Cheese Brands to Add to Your Next Snack Spread

For all you cheese lovers out there, these brands are great to pair with a glass of wine, for making your very own cheese board, or just as a quick snack for lunch. It’s hard to resist indulging on some delicious cheese, especially to celebrate #NationalCheeseLoversDay! 

1. Fromager D’Affinois

Photo courtesy of fromagerdaffinois.com

Fromager D’Affinois invites you to explore all its creamy cheeses, from flavored to reduced fat to double cream and snack size. Perfect for any charcuterie board!

2. Owls Nest Cheese Co.

Photo courtesy of owlsnestcheese.com


Is it a dip or is it a spread? Owl’s Nest comes in 7 flavors and is a soft and indulgence choice to spread on your crackers or dip your pretzels in.  

3. Cheese Pleasers

Photo courtesy of cheesepleasersinc.com, Instagram


If you want cheese sticksstring cheese, or cheese curds, Cheese Pleasers has it! Or try a Sammich, which features Summer Sausage between two slices of cheese. 

4. Vern’s Cheese

Photo courtesy  of Facebook


Another one of Wisconsin’s finestVern’s Cheese offers a wide selection of cheese types, flavors, and styles, so you are ready for any occasion