Media & Press Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you give me an overview of SPINS?

SPINS is a wellness-focused data technology company.


SPINS transforms trillions of retailer transactions into performance insights, trend forecasting, and customer activation solutions to help brands and retailers accelerate growth and deepen loyalty with shoppers.


Our leading cloud-based solutions harness the power of our retailer transaction data and overlay it with SPINS’ Product Intelligence to help our clients:

  • Optimize performance on shelf
  • Innovate around emerging trends in wellness
  • Drive the path to purchase


  • Our proprietary retail partnerships, making SPINS the only company able to deliver on cutting-edge innovation trends
  • SPINS’ comprehensive Product Intelligence database, uncovering unseen drivers of consumer behavior at shelf
  • Our leading web & mobile applications which deliver greater value, more efficiently, to SPINS clients

What retailers are included in SPINS data?

SPINSscan Natural tracks sales of all UPC-coded products sold in the natural supermarket channel. Exclusive to SPINS, this channel represents full-format natural product supermarkets including the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) and the Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA), small to mid-sized chains, and independent and cooperative stores across the continental U.S. * excludes Whole Foods

SPINSscan Specialty Gourmet tracks sales of UPC-coded products sold in the specialty supermarket channel. We classify specialty gourmet stores as full-format supermarkets with more than $2 million in annual sales, with SPINS-defined specialty items comprising at least 25% of their overall volume. These high-end, experiential retail stores bring high quality products to the variety seeking consumer, provide full-service gourmet departments, and have a strong focus on specialty, imported, natural and organic items. The Specialty Gourmet Channel is represented by more than 1,000 specialty supermarket stores that have traditionally been undistinguished within broader retail measurement services.

SPINSscan Conventional is a joint service through SPINS and IRI Worldwide and is the industry’s only comprehensive source of information on UPC-coded natural, organic, specialty, and wellness positioned products selling through Conventional outlets in the U.S.

How should SPINS be referenced in the press?


SPINS is a registered trademark, so it should always be written in all caps and be marked with the ® symbol in the first or most prominent appearance in text.

How should I reference SPINS data?

Periodic Data Release

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Where can I get the SPINS logo?

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Where can I find SPINS press releases?

Press releases can be found here.