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At SPINS, our mission is to provide the Independent Pet Specialty Retailer community easy access to relevant market insights and facilitate differentiation from big-box and online pet retailers.

We help you identify emerging trends and discover the latest product innovations before they're old news.

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Over the past 12 months, have you expanded your store’s Frozen Food Assortment?

SPINS data reveals:

Frozen Foods recorded a 14.1% YOY sales growth, generating a total of 64.3 million in sales across Independent Pet Retailers.
Top Trending Products:
Which category is growing fasterPet Care & Wellness or Pet Treats?

SPINS data reveals:

The Pet Care & Wellness category grew by +8.5% in 2021, while Pet Treats grew by +20.1%.
Top Trending Products:
Do you look beyond Beef and Chicken when choosing Pet Treats?

SPINS data reveals:

Although Beef is still the leader with +29.7% growth, there are 3 other categories that are growing faster than Chicken at +23.7%!
Top Trending Products:

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