1000+ Independent Grocers on Mercato can Enable Up to 175 Dietary and Lifestyle Choice Filters for Shoppers Through SPINS Data Partnership

Millions of online grocery shoppers can now apply dietary, lifestyle choices and preferences filters for foods shoppable at participating stores on Mercato.

SAN DIEGO, August 20, 2020 -- Mercato’s dietary filter update widely expands the existing filterability of food items at no cost to the merchants who choose to participate. While it has long been challenging for millions of shoppers to filter food choices online for ingredients, allergies, and diets, this update seeks to improve the digital shopability of independent grocery stores and specialty shops.

Today’s shoppers approach their grocery selection through the lens of whether or not available products meet their dietary and/or lifestyle choices, preferences and conditions. Product discoverability is critical in driving conversion, increasing basket size and building loyalty. The ability for retailers to present their products to better meet shopper nutritional and dietary needs is essential in driving growth and increasing market share.

As Mercato founder & CEO, Bobby Brannigan, says, “Mercato continually strives to not only improve the value of the platform for merchants through regular updates of features and tools, but to ensure the shopping experience for consumers is easy & honest. This has historically been reflected in Mercato’s policy of not modifying or inflating pricing of items listed on the platform, for example, but now extends to enhanced ingredient clarity for many foods sold by participating merchants.”

SPINS Product Intelligence provides sophisticated, comprehensive product attribution beyond the label in the way consumers shop and think. Mercato’s user experience brings that to life in a seamless way. The SPINS and Mercato partnership is connecting shoppers to the products of their choice without burden of time and integration costs to retailers.

Mercato’s partnership with SPINS has already yielded benefits for grocers through their provision of market analytics, sales data, and basic dietary filters to independent grocers and specialty food stores on the Mercato platform.

“We understand the critical need behind nutritional and lifestyle data, and the ever-increasing desire for it,” said Tony Olson, owner and CEO of SPINS. “Consumers have an extensive list of product attributes they search for ranging from diets to ingredients to lifestyle choices and beyond. Often 30-50% of retailer selection is missing from these search results due to lack of data and/or the lack of technology bringing it to life. SPINS Product Intelligence integrated with Mercato activation is allowing retailers to meet the shopper needs of the Mercato retailer and shopper community.”

About Mercato

Mercato offers eCommerce and same-day delivery of high-quality groceries and specialty foods from over 1,000 independent grocery stores in 45 states across the country. Bobby Brannigan, an entrepreneur who grew up working in his parent’s grocery store in Brooklyn, NY, created Mercato to level the playing field by bringing online shopping and delivery to independent grocers and their valued customers. For more information, visit Mercato.com. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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