David Navama headshot

David Navama

Chief Innovation Officer

David Navama is a passionate serial entrepreneur since starting his first company REASON in 2004, a Los Angeles Based Creative Digital Agency, during senior year of high school. In 2012 he founded his second company Destini Locators, which is currently America’s #1 product locator solution helping connect tens of millions of consumers find their favorite products at local retailers. In 2014, David founded GroceryPress, a digital consumer engagement platform for retailers. In 2015, David co-founded SPINS Ventures, LLC with Tony Olson, CEO of SPINS, to accelerate the development and incubation of new data-driven technology.

Outside of SPINS Ventures, David has been an active board adviser and angel investor to several data-driven technologies in the areas of digital rights management within the entertainment industry, accelerating clinical trials and crowdfunding. Most recently, David is a board adviser to IX-ONE and Shelvspace, driving new standards around product information and improving retailer execution through crowd sourced shelf auditing and mobilizing sales management.