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Unprecedented data-driven insight into the hottest categories and brands in the market
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Investors leverage SPINS data-driven solutions and expertise to gain a competitive edge

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Investment Insights Suite

Discover and track investment opportunities using SPINS’ proprietary insights and data

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Mobile Insights App

On-demand performance data in your pocket for tradeshows and insights on-the-go

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Due Diligence

Work with SPINS experts to navigate the details imperative to the long-term health of your brand

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Portfolio Support

SPINS ensures your portfolio brands receives the attention and solutions they need across every phase of their growth journey

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SPINS Investment Insights Suite

Dynamic, insight-rich dashboards that help you discover, screen, and track opportunities based on your unique investment criteria.

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Category Profiler

Quickly understand category performance by channel, and identify top performing brands within that.

Brand Profile Summary

Lookup a brand’s product portfolio and performance metrics. Unpack key performance metrics in each key channel

Regional Brand Finder

Quickly identify most significant Regional brands that have yet to be scaled Nationally

New Brand Finder

Identify Brands that are new to market and compare their initial velocity performance vs. other entrants

Target & Portfolio Watchlist

Easily monitor prospective target brands and your existing portfolio through your watchlist

SPINS Mobile Insights App

Leverage quick search and key brand indicators while on the go.

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Research brands live on the trade show floor

Search by brand, company, or booth number, and instantly review retail performance and sales trends.

Access key insights and metrics

Arm yourself with insights on the health and make-up of attending brands including category mix data, channel mix data, and a brand's 3-year trajectory.

Save Photos, Notes, and Favorites!

Snap and save photos plus enter reminder notes for any brand at the trade show. You can also ``favorite`` any brand for quick access later on.

SPINS Due Diligence Solutions

Conduct detailed due diligence on a category, brand, and consumer level, diving deep into upside and downside risks of your investment opportunity.

Category Due Diligence

Understand key fundamentals of the macro-category and sub-categories, unpacking size, white space and potential growth opportunities.

Brand Due Diligence

Compare target brand performance vs. category and top competitors to benchmark brand health, opportunities for improvement and growth potential.

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Consumer Due Diligence

Compare buyers of target brand vs. category and competitive set to understand the degree to which they either directly compete for the same shopper or complement each other by attracting different types of shoppers.

What makes SPINS Due Diligence Team the leading choice for Natural Industry investors

Seven key insights for investors

Data Expertise

Most engagements lose time in data gathering, but SPINS has direct access and expertise to mine our entire database.

Industry expertise

SPINS experts have a deeper understanding of today’s consumer, category trends, competitive brand benchmarks which results in richer insights for your diligence process.

Brand building expertise

Our team of former brand-builders go beyond the “yay or nay” decision and identify what it would take to make a brand investment successful in execution.

Portfolio Support Solutions

Gain a higher return on your portfolio by engaging SPINS experts to outline the right Sales & Marketing strategies to accelerate growth.

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Brand Health Check

Receive a report on the strengths and weaknesses of your brand to identify which areas are contributing to your brand's health.

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100 Day Growth Plan

Identify key value drivers and create a road-map to success over a 100-day period.

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Retail Growth Strategy

Develop a retailer strategy to take your brand national.

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Innovation Roadmap

Transform your portfolio by gaining insights on winning trends.

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Maximize Data

Lean on SPINS experts to learn how to maximize value of your data.