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How SPINS Helped a Condiments Company Build On Their Grassroots Fanbase and Add New Flavors

A family owned condiments brand that takes pride in being built on grandma’s recipe and high-quality ingredients was looking to further monetize their offerings. They had a strong consumer following based on their grassroots marketing efforts and a quality product, which includes Non-GMO and gluten free attributes. They also had early distribution in two retailers. Still, they needed to expand their current retail distribution and add significantly more in order to reach their revenue projections.

Before they could make informed decisions about how to achieve their goals, they realized they needed more information about their current placement and their performance rankings within their category. So, they came to SPINS.

When the condiments company met with their SPINS account representative, they outlined their revenue projections and the gaps they saw in their own information. They decided to get store-level data for their existing retailers and add more as they identified new retail opportunities. They also invested in the store locator product, Destini, and scorecards to give them a feeling for the category.

Condiments case study with Destini

Destini was an obvious choice because this company enjoyed such a loyal online following. They wanted to ensure that their fans always know where their products are available. The store-level data allowed them to improve their performance within their two current retailers and expand into others: Within a year, they were in 10 total retailers.  In addition, the store-level data helped this condiments company know which of their flavors were most popular, in which locations, and in which regions. They used this data to confirm and optimize their assortment. Soon they were able to confirm 6 flavors and add 2 SKUs.

condiments case study results

The result: They increased their distribution 46% in less than 12 months. Within the year, their sales were up 155% and they enjoyed a 26x return on their investment.

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