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OSI Magnesium for Better Sleep

From daily caffeine consumption to excessive screen time, it comes as no surprise that many consumers have difficulty sleeping. OSE Magnesium offers a topical solution with their Good Night Body Lotion with melatonin and magnesium to aid in a good nights rest.


Honey Mama's for a Simple & Sweet Treat

Honey Mama's makes a line of paleo chocolates with simple ingredients like honey, coconut, and cocoa. With gourmet flavor combinations like Mayan SPice and Lavender Red Rose, Honey Mama is unique treat for your trendiest foodie friend.

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Hella Cocktails to Elevate Your Bar Cart

Hella Cocktails takes a smart approach to bitters, offering popular flavors like ginger and orange and gourmet edition offerings like Apple Blossom, Eucalyptus, and Mexican Chocolate.

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Uplift Food for a Happy Gut

The Uplift Food brand is building on the connection between guy health and mood support, with their new Gut happy Cookies that are certified organic, grain-free, and high in plant-based protein. The new cookies are sweetened with monk fruit and feature a blend of flours, probiotics and powders for a unique approach to gut health.

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Barukas for Health Nut

Barukas brings the baru(ka) nut from the Amazonian to the U.S. The brand promises three times the antioxidants, more protein (6g per 1/4 cup serving), more fiber, and at least 25% fewer fat calories than any other nut.


Waku for a Floral Beverage Blend

Waku's plant-based tonics are positioned to support a healthy gut, featuring a traditional recipe that blends 20 Ecuadorian flowers and herbs. Their line of beverages are low in added sugar and contain just 35 calories per bottle.

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