Personalized Online Experience and Conversion for Grocery Retailers

Attribute-powered shopping experience driving accelerated digital growth and loyalty

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Go Digital with Branded eCommerce and Mobile Apps Powered by GrocerKey

Delight today’s remote shoppers and build a unique digital experience that applies robust SPINS Product Intelligence to search and filters for a higher personalization level.

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Personalize the Shopping Experience with SPINS’ Shopper Centric Attributes

Set new standards in the shopper's journey with the ability to search, filter, and view product recommendations based upon diet, conditions, preferences, or avoidances relevant to shopper profiles.

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Build Loyalty with GrocerKey’s White Label Shopping Platform

Make the customer experience unique to your brand and implement differentiating strategies that create a profitable and scalable eCommerce business while maintaining a direct relationship with your shoppers.

Jeremy Neren, ceo of grocerkey

“SPINS Product Intelligence will now be offered to our grocery retailers along with our deep domain expertise and industry-leading enterprise eCommerce platform, built from the inside out.”

Jeremy Neren, CEO of GrocerKey



One Step Ahead

Plum Market, an emergent leader in the grocery industry, is one of the first retailers to leverage the partnership between GrocerKey and SPINS in their continued pursuit to offer consumers the best online shopping experience.


About GrocerKey


Grocery eCommerce Made Simple

Founded in 2014 by Jeremy Neren and Daniel Glucksman, GrocerKey is a fully customizable and retailer-branded eCommerce platform explicitly designed for grocery retailers' unique needs.

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The Importance of Owning Your Ecommerce Solution

GrocerKey’s CEO and Co-founder, Jeremy Neren, recently sat down with Dawn Valandingham, SPINS Senior VP of Retail, about eCommerce’s evolution into an essential part of a successful grocery retailer’s strategy.

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