Are you going crazy eating the same thing over and over again? Consider supporting
these local brands to spice up your kitchen (which is your whole life now, be honest).
These versatile and innovative companies will make you fall in love with breakfast,
dessert, and everything in between all over again!

1. Phyter Foods

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WHY: Getting daily fresh veggies has
always been a job left for dinner, or
perhaps the juicer, for those so inclined, but
Phyter Foods offers dessert like indulgence
in a healthy bar!

WHERE CAN I BUY: Pete’s Fresh Market,
Plum Market, Fresh Thyme Market, Sugar
Beet Food Co-op, and other local retailers

2. Lil Bucks

Photo courtesy of @lovelilbucks, Instagram

WHY: The buckwheat revolution is here.
Lil Bucks are crispy, protein-packed,
raw, vegan, paleo, sprouted superfood
seeds. The sprouting of these fruit
seeds allows our bodies to better
absorb the amazing nutrients they oer!

WHERE CAN I BUY: Dill Pickle Food
Co-op, Foodsmart Market, and other
local retailers

3. Fronen

Photo courtesy of @eatfronen, Instagram

WHY: Clean indulgence. Fronen is made
the way nature intended, with a short and
sweet list of ingredients. Nothing hard to
pronounce or digest.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Foxtrot Market,
Foodsmart, Dill Pickle Food Co-op, Plum
Market, Pete’s Fresh Market, and other local

4. Prommus

Photo courtesy of @prommus, Instagram

WHY: Powerfully authentic, Prommus is a
purpose-driven company on a quest to tastily
re-imagine traditional Middle Eastern cuisine to power a better tomorrow with their high-protein enriched hummus.

WHERE CAN I BUY: Plum Market, Fresh
Thyme, and other local retailers

5. lil’ gourmets

Photo courtesy of @lilgourmets, instagram

WHY: lil’ gourmets’ mission is to help cultivate curiosity in lil’ ones with nourishing, veggie-focused, global cuisines from an early age to help them fall in love with vegetables and flavorful food for life. (Plus they make a great snack for a hungry parent!)

WHERE CAN I BUY: Plum Market, The Standard Market, and other local retailers

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