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Destini partners with Promomash to launch Destini DemoPro, the new standard in measuring ROI of in-store demo programs

Chicago, IL – February 19, 2019 – Destini, the leading product locator and store-level intelligence platform for CPG brands across the U.S. and Canada, announced its partnership with Promomash, the top field event, brand activation and in-store demo management solution, to deliver brand marketers the long-awaited sales impact over their in-store demo programs. Destini’s new reporting solution, Destini DemoPro,combines demo activity data powered by Promomash and point-of-sale data from over 25,000 retail locations (powered by long-time partners including SPINS and Nielsen), to accurately measure the ROI of in-store demos, through an easy-to-use Destini web application. 

Within Destini DemoPro, users can easily identify what characteristics drive successful demos events, also allowing for filtering by accounts, products and brand ambassadors. The solution is priced to give brands of all sizes the ability to use the solution with as few as 100 demos per year to tens of thousands, with a flexible, scalable and affordable model.

“Every brand that invests in demo programs should know the impact every in-store demo has on their sales,” said David Navama, Founder & CEO of Destini. “With the Promomash partnership, we’re confident that Destini DemoPro will pay for itself several times over within the first 6 months of brands using it to optimize their spending between the top and bottom performing demos.”  

“We’re excited about our strategic partnership with Destini,” said Chris Ambarian, Chief Marketing Officer at Promomash. “The data and performance analytics Promomash provides on in-store demos, combined with the integrated retail sales data provided by Destini, further benefits our mutual clients with a complete picture of marketing ROI performance and sales lift.”

To learn more about the program, contact [email protected] or visit www.destini.co/demos.

About Destini:

Destini is the leading store-level data product locator and intelligence solution across the U.S. and Canada for the CPG industry. Founded in 2012, Destini developed the largest centralized product availability database in the U.S.,connecting data from 100,000+ retail locations. Destini offers data-driven sales and marketing solutions to help brands connect consumers to their products. Visit www.destini.co.

About Promomash: Promomash is the industry’s most sophisticated field event, brand activation and in-store demo management solution. Through its software and services platform, Promomash helps consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands and agencies effectively organize, execute,measure, analyze and optimize their in-person marketing programs. Visit www.promomash.com.